Once Upon a Time…

there was this geeky kid who loved writing.

And shot her hand up when the call went out for a volunteer to set up a Juniors' Book Conference in school.

Oh boy did that give the playground bullies fuel.

I got called every evil nickname you could think of...

But did I care ?


I was on a roll. I was stoked.

I got to skip classes (yeeahhhh)

And visit amazing libraries, and get behind the scenes.

I met other kids even more geeky than me, who loved writing and books.

And it launched a writing habit that is with me today.

The longest letter I’ve written? 58 pages

It included newspaper cuttings, postcards, drawings and photos.

I suppose you could call that an early form of "content."

The 'grown up' stuff...

Started with over a decade in the Healthcare industry working with Fortune 500 companies.

Including a few high-octane years in a Business Development team, putting together sales tours and exhibitions around the world. And creating marketing material to support them.

Weekends I was part of a Marketing team hosting outdoor events with a hot air Airship – yes you read that right.

Built by Swedish designer, Per Lindstrand.

He and Sir Richard Branson piloted the 'Virgin Atlantic Flyer' hot air balloon during their record-breaking attempt to circumnavigate the globe.

I taught a lively adult writing group at a Community night school.

And I've experienced the diverse sides of business.

From lone wolf startups that morphed fast into successful SMBs, to non-profits, to massive multinational corporations.

But Web Content Management grabbed my interest.

I studied web SEO copywriting / CMS publishing,

And developed my know-how, working with full service creative agencies and online startups.

How does this help you?

· I've got your back. Whether you need copy for your email campaign, a trade article yesterday, or your existing web site needs TLC

· If all you need is someone giving you jargon-free, savvy advice and ideas, I'm your "go to" person. Let's chat.

· Being an outsider, I bring a fresh outlook to your company.
You get a writer who has travelled and worked in Europe and the States, giving you a wider cultural perspective.

PS: Use that to your advantage if you're expanding into the international marketplace.