# What is Personal Data?
The General Data Protection Regulation (EU Regulation 2016/679) (the “GDPR”) defines Personal Data as any information belonging to you that can identify you directly or indirectly as an individual.

This includes basic information, e.g.your name and contact details. However, it also covers less obvious information e.g. computer IP addresses, identification numbers, electronic location data, and other online identifiers.

# What are your rights?
Under the GDPR, you have the following rights:

  • The right to access personal data held about you

  • The right to have your personal data modified if inaccurate or incomplete

  • The right to have your personal data deleted

  • The right to object to the use of your personal data

  • The right to be informed about the way your data is collected and used

#When is information collected?
Information is collected when you fill out a contact form, respond to a survey or otherwise enter information on this website.

# What information is collected?
When you use this website, it may sometimes record:

  • The pages you visit on the website

  • The type of device you use to access the website

  • The browser used to access the website

  • The IP address you use to access the website

In addition to the above, if you fill in the contact form it will also record:

  • Name

  • Email address

  • Contact phone number

# How long is personal data held for?
You’re only ever asked for the absolute minimum of information to avoid storing unnecessary data.

Furthermore, it’s only held for as long as is necessary to provide you with a smooth, efficient service.

When you ask to have your data deleted it will be done immediately.

# Third Party Details
Third Parties are used to host and manage this website and contact form and they each have their own secure methods of storing data and use secure encrypted connections when transferring data.

Google Analytics is used to discover and better understand what visitors search for or look at on this website.

This can be pages visited, the amount of time spent on a page, the page they leave the site from etc.

This data is gathered in an anonymous form by Google Analytics and there is no way to identify individuals from the data.

# Cookies
Almost every website now uses cookies, web beacons and technologies that perform similar functions. These are tiny text files that contain a unique identifier.

When you visit a website, it will ask your computer for permission to put this cookie into the area of your hard drive where cookies are stored.

You’ll notice a banner pops up on sites you visit, asking for permission.

If you agree to accept this cookie, it will give the website you’re visiting useful insight into how the services on the site are being used.

Cookies can identify which parts of the website are most popular and conversely, which pages are never visited. They also help with improving speed, performance and security.

When you leave the website, the cookies can remain on your hard drive, or you can choose to delete them.

If you use a cookie blocker, you’ll be asked to unblock it and allow it to accept the cookie from the site you’re visiting. You can choose to accept or decline.

Examples of cookies used:

Session cookies – these expire at the end of your browser session

Persistent cookies – these are stored on the device you used to access a website. They remain in place between browser sessions and remember your preferences or actions across multiple sites

First-party cookies – are set by the site you are visiting

Third-party cookies – are set by a third-party site and not from the site you are visiting

You can control how cookies behave on your devices by using the HELP feature of your browser.

You find this in the top right or left corner of the popular commercial browsers e.g. Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Bing etc.

This feature allows you to set preferences and you can decide to allow or block website cookies.

Your Consent

By using this site you consent to collection and use of your personal information as described in this Privacy Policy. If there are changes to this privacy policy, they will be published on this site to keep you up-to-date with the information collected, how it’s being used and under what circumstances it might be disclosed.

# Contact Me
I value the security and safely of your information the same way I value my own.

I’m absolutely committed to keeping your personal data secure and safe on thewritevintage website.

It will never be shared, given, loaned or sold to anyone for any form of commercial gain.

That said, in order to investigate, prevent, or take action regarding illegal activities, suspected fraud, situations involving potential threats to the physical safety of any person, or as otherwise required by law, it may become necessary to share information.

Should you have any questions please get in touch – I’ll be happy to answer them: